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Get started Main Qualcomm MTK Spreadtrum/ UniSoc Test points
HUAWEI Smart Phones
MOTOROLA Smart Phones
LG Smart Phones
SAMSUNG Smart Phones
EMMC Direct (ISP)
How to Set (LAF) Donwload Mode ?
How to Ebable Diag Port ?
How to Enable Manufacture Mode ?
How Set Fastboot Mode ?
How to Set Fastboot Mode Huawei Devices ?
Factory Reset [Format]
How to Factory Reset (Format) by Download Mode ?
How to Factory Reset / Format Samsung by Download Mode ?
How to Samsung Factory Reset [Format] by Modem/AT Mode ?
How to Format Motorola by Fastboot Mode ?
Write Firmware
How to Write KDZ Firmware ?
How to Write Samsung Firmware LZ4 / .TAR by Download Mode ?
How to Write Motorola XML Firmware by Fastboot ?
How to Write Board XML Firmware to Huawei Hisilicon devices ?
Reset FRP
How to Reset FRP by Download Mode ?
How to Remove FRP Huawei Kirin 710 and 980 by USB1 Testpoint ?
Remove Huaweı ID
Wipe/Read/Restore Security
How to Wipe EFS Samsung Exynos and Qualcomm by Download Mode ?
Repair IMEI
How to Repair IMEI LG by Diag Mode ?
How to Repair IMEI by Modem Port ?
Huawei IMEI/MEID /SN/BT/Wifi Repair by Manufacturer Mode
Direct Unlock
How to Direct Unlock LG by Diag ?
Remove Locks Without Data Loss
How to Bypass Patterns by Modem Mode ?
Root by Hydra
How to Root Samsung Devices ?