How to Format and FRP Remove OPPO A71 CPH1801 ?

How to Format [Factory Reset] OPPO A71 (CPH1801) ?  

OPPO A71 Testpoint : 

Steps : 

1. Power your device (Cellphone / Mobile) on

2. Click on "Emergency Call"

3. Now,  Dial *#812#  (emergency tab menu)

4. Choose "Erase Everything"

5. Now, Open your device to find the testpoint

6. Find the test point picture under Hydra Tool installation folder or google it.

7. Connect testpoint with tweezers or short it with soldering.

9. Open "Qualcomm" module of Hydra Tool

10. Choose "Oppo" from the brand and Choose Module "A71 (2018) CPH 1801" from the drop-down menu of "Boot Setting".

11. . Now, go to top-right of Hydra Tool and Choose "Oppo"

12. Choose "Factory Reset" from the drop-down menu.

13. Choose "A71 Format Userdata"

14. Click the "Execute" button.

15. Connect the device with USB DATA CABLE and insert it to the COMPUTER PORT.

16. Wait until the operation is completed.