How to OnePlus IMEI Repair by Diag Port ?

How to Repair IMEI OnePlus Models by Diag Port ? 

How to Enable Diag Port of the OnePlus Smart Phones ? 

There is two way of Enable Diag of OnePlus Method : 

  1. For Lower than Android 10 Versions Enable , Enable Diag by Dial Code : type *#801# and enable Engineering Mode
  2. For Android 10 and above versions, Root your device and From Reboot Box select [ADB] Enable Diag (Rooted)

How to Repair IMEI ? 

  1. Run Qulacomm Module, Go to Repair/Calbiration -> IMEI Repair Tab
  2. From Methods box select OPPO/OnePus IMEI Diag Method
  3. Enable IMEI Option, Fill the IMEI boxs
  4. Untick Auto Port, Select Diag ComPort of your device
  5.  Click Repair IMEI [Diag] Buton and Wait for Operation get completed.