How to OPPO MTK Format by Meta Mode (eMMC and UFS) ?

In meta mode, you have to follow 3 steps

a) Take device into green screen (step 1 to 12 below)

b) Reading System info (step 13 to 18)

c) Formatting device (step 19 to 24)

1. Run Hydra MTK tool.

2. Choose "Auto" Brand and Module (Cellphone / Mobile)

3. Choose platform as "SOCs"

4. "Auto Loader" should be "Tick" on

5. Choose "Service" Tab

6. Be sure you are on "Read System Info" from Universal Operation.

7. Choose "Meta mode / VCC preloader method" drop-down from "Reboot" menu

8. Tick "One Boot" next to * icon (asterisk icon)

9. Tick "Auto Reboot" next to "EXECUTION" button.

10. Click * (asterisk) icon to run windows "Windows Access Right Admin" 

11. And insert USB Cable to the device (Cellphone / Mobile)

12. And wait few second until the device's SCREEN gets GREEN COLOR.

13. Now, untick "Auto Reboot" next to "EXECUTE" button.

14 Click on "*" (asterisk) icon to inactive it (Not active it).

15. Tick "Auto" at the top-right Hydra Tool.

16. Choose "MediaTek USB VCOM (Android) COM port" next to * (asterisk) icon.

17. Choose "Read system Info" from "Universal Operation" Tab.

18. Click "EXECUTE" and wait for few second.

19. Now, final stage is to do "Factory Reset / User Data"

20. Choose "Factory Reset EMMC" from drop down "Method / Option" menu.

21. Choose "Auto Rebut" next to "EXECUTE" button. (Note: this time "Auto" must be tick at the top-right, too.)

22. Click on "EXECUTE" button and wait for few second.

23. While Computer ask you "This is you confirm you that you are going to EXECUTE the selected operation. Do you want to continue?"

24. Click "OK" and wait few second.

25. That's All. Good Luck !

Video Instruction :