How to Remove Mi Account of Xiaomi MTK devices ?

How to remove Mi Account of MTK devices


1. Run Hydra MTK module.

2. Choose "SOCs" Type of Phone ( not Feature).

3. Choose Brand as "XIAOMI"

4. Choose module from drop down list (Example: Redmi 6(Cactus) etc.)

5. From "Tool" menu choose "Read system info" and click ''Boot/Info"

6. Wait until you see the information of your device (Cellphone / Mobile)

7. Choose "Xiaom" from Special Function from "Tool" menu.

8. Choose one of them from drop down menu from  "Method / Option":

a) Remove Mi Account (Erased Method)

b) Remove Mi Account (Patched Method)

c) Remove Mi Account (Erase Method) + FRP

9. Click "Execute" Button.

10. Connect turned off device with the help of Data Cable to computer.

11. Wait until the process is completed.