Instruction to install to install

How to Start ?

1. Install Alcor Driver for your SmartCard of Hydra Dongle

2. Connect Hydra Dongle and install its driver properly.

3. Download Hydra software and install 

4. Run Hydra HumTool exe. 

5. You need internet to registration of Hydra Tool. So, connect it.

5. Click on registration icon on the left column (MAN icon)

6. Fill your registration information like Name, Email, Password, country

7. Click on "Activation"  

8. Update "DB" (Update database only),  Update All and Update Module Files if necessary from top left side of HUM Tool.

9. Run Application MTK, SPD, Qualcomm etc from left column (Crocodile / Alligator icon)

10. Update DB (Database) of each application bottom down (db icon).

11. Start Earning! Good Luck!

Video Guide :