Supported brands


  • USB 1 Boot in Testpoint Hisilicon CPU's (Temporary Unlock Bootloader)
  • Read Info (Fastboot, Manufacturer Mode)
  • FRP Remove (Fastboot, Manufacturer, USB1)
  • Format [Factory Reset] (Fastboot, Manufacturer, USB1)
  • Huawei Account/ID Remove (Fastboot, Manufacturer, USB1)
  • Read and Write Certificate Hisilicon (USB1, Fastboot)
  • Bootloader Functions (Fastboot, Manufacturer)
  • Repair [IMEI, SN, BT, Wifi, Board SN, Vendor Code, Country Code] (Manufacturer Mode)
  • Partition Manager [Read, Write Erase] (USB1, Fastboot)
  • Factory Boot USB1


  • eMMC Physical Drive Scanning 
  • Write Qualcomm XML Firmware, Write MTK Scatter Firmware
  • Read and Write Dump 
  • Ultra Power Option (FRP Remove + Format userdata)
  • FRP Remove
  • Factory Reset (Safe format and Wipe Userdata for MTK)
  • Xiaomi Mi Account Removal
  • Partition Manager (List, Read, Write, Erase Partitions)


  • Write Firmware KDZ by Download Mode
  • Repair IMEI IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 by Diag Mode
  • Repair IMEI IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 by Modem Port
  • Direct Unlock by Diag Mode
  • Read System Info by Download and Modem Mode
  • Reset All Locks Download Mode and Modem Mode
  • Reset FRP Download Mode 2 Method
  • Factory Reset Download and Modem mode
  • Security Options Read Write and Wipe
  • Partition Table Manager Read, Write and Erase

Firmware Tools 

  • Nokia NB0 Firmware Extract 
  • Huawei Update APP Extract
  • LG KDZ Firmware Extract
  • Samsung LZ4 / Tar Firmware Extract 
  • Asus Raw Firmware Extract
  • Spreadrum Pac Firmware Extract
  • eMMC Dump Extract
  • OPPO OFP MTK Firmware Extract
  • OPPO OFP Qualcomm Firmware Extract
  • OnePlus OPS Firmware Extract


  • Write Firmware lz4 and tar without extract
  • Root Android 6 .. 10, Hydra Root Version
  • Factory Reset by Download Mode
  • Factory Reset by Modem Port
  • Reset FRP Download Mode New and Old Method
  • Reset FRP UART eMMC Chips
  • Reset FRP UART UFS Chips
  • Write Certificate by UART Qualcomm and Exynos
  • Write Default Encrypt File System (EFS)
  • Partition Information Table (PIT)
  • Read System Info by Modem and Download Mode
  • Enable One Boot Option for Samsung Download Mode
  • PIT Table
  • Enable Diag ADB + Root


  • Write Firmware by Fastboot Mode
Search a Phone
Go to the phone
Write flash
Repair IMEI
Direct Unlock
Read info
Remove locks without data loss
Reset FRP
Unlock Bootloader
Read Security
Write Security
Wipe Security
Partition Manager
Wipe EFS
Huawei ID Remove