Full-Featured of Qualcomm Module

Write Firmware

  • Auto/Raw XML Select 
  • Manual raw.xml and patch0.xml select
  • Write Dump *.bin Firmware
  • Asus Raw Firmware Write at EDL Mode
  • Huawei UPDATE.APP Firmware Write at EDL Mode
  • Nokia NB0 Firmware Write at EDL Mode
  • Fastboot Direct Protocol Write XML Firmware

Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

  • EDL QdLoader Mode (Auto, Zero Wipe, Erase Safety Tag, Vivo Force Erase Methods)
  • Fastboot Mode (Need device bootloader unlocked)
  • ADB Mode (Device USB Debugging Should be enabled)
  • FTM Mode (This option for ZTE Models)

Xiaomi Mi Account

  • Remove Mi Account [Erase Method] - New Method Without Relock
  • Remove Mi Account [Patch Method]
  • Restore Mi Account
  • Remove FindDevice 
  • Disable Mi Account [ADB Mode]

Partitions Operations - Service Tool

  • Backup Security/EFS (EDL Mode, ADB Mode)
  • Write Security/EFS (EDL Mode, ADB Mode)
  • Reset/Wipe Security/EFS (EDL Mode, ADB Mode, TWRP Mode)
  • Backup Firmware  (EDL Mode)
  • Backup Firmware Except Userdata (EDL Mode)
  • Full Erase eMMC Chip (EDL Mode)
  • Full Erase UFS Chip (EDL Mode)
  • Full Read Dump (EDL Mode)
  • Full Write Dump (EDL Mode)

Factory Reset (Format)

  • EDL QdLoader Mode (Format Safe, Zero Wipe, Erase Safety Tag, Vivo Force Erase Userdata, Rebuild Userdata Mode)
  • Fastboot Mode (Device Bootloader Should be Unlocked)
  • Xiaomi SideLoad (Mi Assistant Mode)
  • ADB Mode (Need Root Access)

Repair IMEI and Security

  • Repair IMEI EFS Method 
  • Repair IMEI NV Method
  • Repair IMEI OnePlus Method
  • Xiaomi RSA Devices Repair IMEI (ADB Diag Mode)
  • Repair MEID (Diag Mode)
  • Repair ESN (Diag Mode)
  • Read & Write QCN (Diag Mode)
  • Patch, Write IMEI inside QCN

Screen Locks Security

  • Red Pattern (EDL Mode - Encrypted UserData Not Supported)
  • Remove Locks Without Data Loss (EDL Mode - Encrypted UserData Not Supported)
  • Disable Screen Locks Apps (EDL Mode)
  • Restore Screen Locks Apps (EDL Mode)
  • ZTE Remove Screen Locks (FTM Mode)

Boot Loader Options

  • Generic Brands Unlock Bootloader (EDL)
  • Generic Brands Unlock Bootloader (EDL)
  • Xiaomi Unlock Bootloader with Patch File (Fastboot)

Partitions Manager

  • Read, Backup Partitions (EDL Mode, ADB Mode)
  • Write Selected Partitions (EDL Mode, ADB Mode)
  • Erase Selected Partitions (EDL Mode, ADB Mode)

Special Features 

  • Auto Select brand and Model %99 Qualcomm Chips, Without Select brand and Models 
  • Xiaomi Authorized Standalone and Hydra Server

Read System INFO

  • Boot-Info (EDL Mode)
  • Read Info (EDL Mode, Fastboot Mode, ADB Mode)

Reboots Options

  • ZTE DFU to EDL 
  • Fastboot to EDL 
  • Fastboot to Bootloader
  • Enable Diag (ADB Root and Non-Root Methods)
  • ADB to EDL
  • FTM to EDL and Many More
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Read flash
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Repair IMEI
Direct Unlock
Read info
Read Pattern
Remove locks without data loss
Disable Screen App
Reset FRP
Unlock Bootloader
Read QCN
Write QCN
Read Security
Write Security
Wipe Security
Partition Manager
Convert KDZ to XML QC Firmware
Convert Huawei Update APP to RawXML
Convert Asus Raw to RawXML
Generate RawXML From GPT File
Reboot Functions
Huawei ID Remove
Format (Factory reset)