Full Featured of Spreadrum Module

Write Firmware

  • Pac File Firmware 
  • Hydra Ini Firmware 

Backup Firmware

  • Factory Rom (Flash Mode)

Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

  • Flash Mode (Format/Erase)

Factory Reset (Format)

  • Flash Mode (Erase Userdata)
  • Diag Mode (Factory Reset)
  • Fastboot Mode (Device Bootloader Should be Unlocked)

Repair IMEI and Security

  • Diag Mode Repair IMEI
  • Flash Mode Repair IMEI

Screen Locks Security

  • Read Pattern (Flash Mode - Encrypted UserData Not Supported)
  • Remove Locks Without Data Loss (Flash Mode - Encrypted UserData Not Supported)
  • Dissable Screen Locks Apps (Flash Mode)
  • Restore Screen Locks Apps (Flash Mode)

Partitions Manager

  • Read,Backup Partitions (Flash Mode, ADB Mode)
  • Write Selected Partitions (Flash Mode, ADB Mode)
  • Erase Selected Partitions (Flash Mode, ADB Mode)

Special Features 

  • Auto / Manuel Loader, by Pac Loader, by Brand, by FDL1 and FDL2 Booting
  • Self Learning Auto Learning Mode

Network Locks Security

  • Read Locks (Diag Mode)
  • Direct Unlock (Diag Mode)

Non-Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM)

  • Backup NVM/NV DATA (Flash Mode, Diag Mode)
  • Restore NVM/NV DATA (Flash Mode, D┼čag Mode)

Read System INFO

  • Boot Info (Flash Mode)
  • Read Info (Flash Mode, ADB Mode)

Reboots Options

  • Enter Diag (New)
  • Enter Diag (Old)
  • Adb to Recovery
  • Fastboot to Normal
  • Fastboot to Bootloader and Many More

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